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You should all know me. if you dont well im sorry im coolest damn person you could ever meet (sorry mom for cussing). currently I have blondw hair. I have dark yummy chocolate eyes and fabulous looking chaped lips, mm, they are soo kissable! i have soft hands when im giving massages other than that they are kinda rough sorry. Dont get me started on my legs JUST KIDDING guess what i shave them and my arms im hairless or trying to be.. I hope I created a beautiful picture for you love you all!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

whats up! OK I'm done.

just kidding so I'm still in school yay me! I'm still hanging out with will yup fun huh i know! i have lots of friends more than a person needs let me tell you it almost sucks cause i have to schedule people so i can hang out with them and i have birthdays out the anus. so i think what i like most about school is that i learn a lot about the body and to proper names ha! so its pretty fun i like that i can talk medical to my friends it makes me feel smart. also i really like that I'm actually doing something with my self i feel like I'm higher up now but not in a snotty way. i think that i know stuff about the body and health that i can pass on and teach others. like we have been learning about cancer and this made me sick is that there is a cure/ helps get rid and prevent. a lot of illness are a vitamin a deficiency. cancer is deficiency of vitamin B-17 now whats really lame is that this vitamin along with B-15 are illegal in the united state WHY? cause it cures cancer and you cant make money off of it. America is a business thats why! sad huh i know we watched a video in our class called a world with out cancer its a great book and video you can buy it online or bring me a disk and i will burn you a copy of it so you can watch it or if your a fan of youtube you can look it up on there its a good one and worth looking at. also you can get B-17 in apricot kernals you cant buy them in stores you have to get them online make sure they are not sun dryed other wise it will do nothing for you. by the way they are very bitter its some thing you would have to get use to but if your wanting to stay healthy and free of cancer its worth eating 7 a day. well i hope you guys learn some thing from reading my blogs i love you and i happy i can share info with you if you have an questions just comment if i dont have the answer ill get back to you soon.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

so guess what i started school on Monday its fun i really like it. no I'm not telling you what I'm going to school for just kidding its massage therapy. so in class yesterday we learned some really cool things we talked a lot about all the chemicals that are in every thing we use like tooth paste how many of us use the tooth paste with florid in it. when they put florid in water they wear haz mat suits on the back of the tooth paste bottle it even says if more than what can fit on the head of a tooth brush is swallowed call poison control..... we all swallow tooth paste its imposable not to. the little kids swallow tooth paste its terrible. Johnson's baby shampoo the no tears kind you would think oh they are being so nice and not letting it sting the kids eyes... wrong is bad they put a numbing agent in it so when it gets in the baby's eyes it numbs them. how about deodorant i know we all need it you don't want to smell neither do i but if you look at the back it has so nasty chemicals and we put it on our arm pits. whats under our arm pits most of our lymphnoids our lymphs then carry all of that junk into our bodys pretty sure its not good. lotion is another big one mostly everyone uses it just like deodorant they both have aluminum. WOW look my skin is so pretty cause i use this amazing product called aluminum :) its fun learning about how we try to kill our selfs every morning love it its fantastic. dont get me wrong im not turning into a fanatic its just nice to know what your putting into your body. think about it though retardation i honestly think its our enviorment doing it what we put in and on us we absorb it and it damages and alternates dna. its not good. keara told be there is a natural deodorant its like a salt rock from what i remember, you just get it wet and put it on works just as good with out the bad chemicals, and for lotion you can use an apricot oil or almond oil they work pretty good.

tomorrow im sure i will have some ways how we kill our selfs lol i'll keep you up dated and what you can use instead. oh and you can get those oils at sprouts not sure about the salt rock ask keara. hope you enjoyed my ranting. keep in mind think about what you put into your body it will help you be more healthy along with meditating with music and pray it really helps you relax and think push every thing away for the 5-10 min you do after wards you feel amazing. well there is my health blog for the day haha hopefully i'll have some more for you. by the way my home work is giving a massage so lol if your lucky and your around.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

hey crazy people ya i havent blogged in a LONG dang time. krista im sorry your not on my list i have no idea how to do it keara did it for me i'll make her do it ;) haha keara thats your task! so i havent been up to much im just still hanging out lol sad i have been working with my dad in new mexico im finally done with that i cant stand going there lol! i think its the worst state i have ever been do honestly. so i did a job up in snowflake a few weeks ago amazing ya i made a butt load of money in a week. so im pretty excited for this weekend the fam damn reunion yay! and then mexico after oh man OH OH OH and then aug 1 im going sky diving AGAIN YAY im so excited with rob. OH YA and my nice pretty black guitar it was stolen.

I was bored at tempe marketplace play my air guitar

me and will after an awesome day of rain we went and played in a retention base it was way deep! we could swim and skim board



ME and rob extreme foot fighting
oh man i wish you could really see it all the way i ate it hard!i was going prob 30 slowed to 25 then jumped off cause i saw that truck it looked closer than it was so i took like 2 steps slowed to 20mph and then just ya wow it hurt bad i was lucky i had my jacket on!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

(im pretty sure i had ice down my pants)
being in iowa... eh lame and cold just blah NOT its pretty fun just hanging out and watching everyone else work :) me and my mom had some fun visiting keara alan and calvin. we had a snowball fight with fresh snow it was awesome the snow was easy to pack and hit people.... keara... in the face. the next day we went sleding it was really fun some how i just really suck at staying on the sleds or just going the right way its was fun though. calvin is so cute i love that little boy and nixon is still annoying last night or this morning my mom woke up at like 5 and im like crowding her off the bed i look over and nixon has half the bed i swear that dog is a little punk! oh ya and my whicked awesome snow man that looks like jacob.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

will smith

so this kid found me on myspace knew him from lehi elementry it was weird meeting again at 1st cause we went on a date and i just thought it was weird but now we are like best friends learning a lot about each other its cool hes pretty fun to hang out with and iwll do just about any thing the other day we went to the mall and put make up on him and dressed him up like a girl he has a fun family but they are a little crazy just had a fun weekend more to come he will do more crazy stuff than any of my other guy friends all to "cool" dont want to look stupid just flat out care to much i hate it lay back have fun who cares what people think its just fun to make people laugh and smile makes them live longer :)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

me in my sexy turnouts yup

Thursday, January 3, 2008

wow first post of the new year. well if my mom hasnt told any one im moving back to the valley so i can get a better job. yesterday i gave my 2 weeks notice to jiffy lube he told me i could come back any time so that made me feel good even though i hope i never do. i also turned in my fire stuff my turn outs (gear) my radio and my fire books for school. that might have been one of the hardest things im going to miss all of them i love them all they have taken me under their wing just talking about it makes me want to cry. its pretty depressing but it was a grat memory i will never forget. I told macey that i was moving back and she was so mad at me i love her we have become such good friends im going to miss her the most. ha i can only imagin what next saturday will be like saying good bye to everyone. well to all the flat landers i will see you soon.